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DJ Craze

Everyone Can DJ

I’m ashamed to admit that there once existed a younger me that believed this statement. DJ’ing was overrated to me and I never thought it took much skill to accomplish becoming one. The demand was there, after all, for any novice with a turn table to attend a party and ensure steady streams of music poured through the speakers. Guests wouldn’t pay much attention due to the heavy amounts of intoxicants they were consuming so it was easy to get away with “pretending to play with something”. Basically “an overrated iPod controller”.

If you haven’t heard what these quotes are from yet then pause for a quick second and enjoy a laugh with me as Daniel Tosh of Tosh.0 explains this principle in a much more elaborate and entertaining way.

Although funny, this sketch stirred up a lot of polarizing feelings within as I’m sure it does for you. So much so, that another, legendary, entertainer used a snippet of the rant for the intro of the next video I’m about to show you. But let me prelude this with slightly off segway. I do believe there are DJ’s out there with mad skill. Just few and far between. So I guess you can see how contrasting the feeling is when you see the young guns trying to pretend to be something that falls short of a hyped up play button man. All I have to say is, if you want to be a spinner, learn how to spin. Pay close attention kids. This is how it’s done.

So as you can see. Boy’s got skills. The YYC hip hop scene is filled with talented DJ’s too, they just all seem to be hiding in the basement mashing up Diana Ross records with that new Jay Z joint. My challenge to all of you is simple. Step up the game and get out here and prove your worth! If you’re a YYC scratcher and you have something worth sharing let’s see it! Comment a link below so the people get a chance to hear you. If you’re all too bashful then let me start naming a few names and see what happens. These are guys I’ve seen spin with my own eyes and let me tell you. They are some of the most talented dudes to ever grace the needle folks. They deserve a little recognition. Peep them and let me know what you think!

DJ Dex One & DJ Rico Drummond

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Calgary Monthly Event Image (november)

This Month In Calgary Hip Hop

Everywhere I turn or click I hear about how dead the rap, hip hop, and r’n’b scene is in Calgary. Unfortunately it’s the voices of the crusty, armchair peanut gallery, hipsters out there, who sit behind their laptops and tablets and spew out nonsensical musings filled with an elaborate, yet uninterpretable vernacular, that we keep hearing; And all they’re really looking for is revenue generating “click pieces” to stir up a few more peso’s. Are you with me so far?

Well frankly, I’m sick of it. I’m tired of hearing all the negative reviews, garbage editorials, and outright outrageous claims these so called “hip hop heads” keep coming out with. So instead of writing another one of this types of “I Hate Hipsters and Calgary’s Hip Hop Scene” articles I’ve decided to do something a bit different. Hip Hop Synergy is about joining forces to create something bigger than what we can accomplish alone. That’s where this piece comes in.

Instead of bashing and badgering we’re going to come together and bring you a monthly event list so you don’t get bored. We’re also going to start reviewing urban artists in Calgary to help shed the light onto the glowing scene that actually exists in the places most of these doofus hipsters are afraid to look. Artists beware! Check back for an update on the review. If you want us to do an honest review of something and we haven’t yet found you then feel free to let us know on our Contact Page. Sound good? Are you with us? Good. So here we go.

For the month of November in Calgary Hip Hop Events you should look out for:

HIP-HOP KARAOKE Till November 18 @ Fortune Sound Club

Sonreal Nov 21 – 8:00 PM @ SAIT

DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist Nov 23 – 9:00 PM @ Flames Central

FRENCH MONTANA November 27  9:00 pm @ TEN Nightclub

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10@10 3 Year Anniversary

If you’ve been a part of YYC’s hip hop scene then you already know about the 10@10 phenomenon. If your new to the wonderful city of Calgary, good old Cow Town, then you should get yourself well versed in whats going on around town and who’s who. The amazing team at 10@10 have been building something that has, so far, been paralleled by none. A real, down to earth, atmosphere of community and culture that sums up the heart of Calgary’s hip hop scene. The team at the heart of it all, including the few I’ve met, Beni J, Rico, and, Ryan, have been nothing but absolutely charitable in their endeavours to bring life to an otherwise salty and diminished underground scene. Jaded as I may be, Calgary doesn’t really have a lot going for it when it comes to the hip hop underground and without the 10@10 crowd it would seem to be almost lifeless.

Recently the 10@10 team has celebrated its third year in rotation in the Calgary Hip Hop scene and for that we should all be raising a glass. A toast to those as truly dedicated as this team to bringing a warm atmosphere, good vibes, and amazing talent to the forefront of our great city’s profile. Hat’s off to everyone involved from the organizers to the artists without you all it would never be possible. In the words of the 10@10 team, Let’s Build, and continue building until we get our city on the map as one of the true hubs of hip hop and urban art, culture, music, and dance!


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Obsidian Awards Show

This years Obsidian Awards Show was an incredible success. The administration was inspiring, to say the least, in bringing light to the stars of our city. While there were several nominees that truly stood above the crowd in the ceremony few made it to the front line. Among the nominees were amazing people like entrepreneur of the year candidates Jasmine Jefferies-Siria and Joyce Jebose, but taking the winning spot was Justin Toge. Several other categories were listed including: Professional of the year winner Evelyn Ackah, Business leader of the year Margaret Adu, Philanthropist of the year Nii Tawiah Koney, High School Student of the year Azeria Telesford, Peoples Choice Promoter of the year One Entertainment, and Media Personality of the year Will Haze.

Some of the other mentionable nominees included Apparel designer of the year Cash Bradshaw, Rapper of the year Jay Thaddeus, and Singer of the year Nadi Downz.

We’d like to give a big thanks to all those involved with putting together such an amazing event! If you’d like to see the rest of this years nominees and award winners just click over to Obsidian Awards Home Page right here.

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