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calgary hip hop review on aye

A.Y.E. – The Review

I was cruising the Calgary artist playlist and stumblde upon a unique voice I haven’t yet heard. I have to admit the playlist is incredibly diverse. The records ranged from the heavy sampled old school flavour all the way to the early 90’s Jay feel. This guy flows with an old school tongue giving you the impression that hip hop oldie goodies aren’t dead yet.

I found myself actually listening to each of the songs in the playlist he has on Reverb and genuinely nodding along trough the whole thing. His vocals generously compliment the fluidity of the instrumentals. The melodic choices are nothing short of genius. A lot of artists are self proclaimed classics but this one right here actually lives up to the claim.

Just the right amount of braggadocio flows mixed in with the humility of a real down to earth humble artist who was born to create. Songs to inspire, songs to vibe with, and songs to get the party started. Overall this guy’s a real inspiration for anyone looking for a creative mentor. Take a listen our Choice Track share your thoughts!

If you like what you hear check out the rest of his playlist right here: A.Y.E. on ReverbNation

Stay tuned for more news, reviews, and everything else Hip Hop Synergy!

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blackalicious alphabet aerobics daniel radcliffe rap

A Weird Dream, Harry Potter Raps, & You Need More Fans

This is going to be weird for both you and I but you’ll have to bear with me as we travel the road less travelled. About a year ago I had a rather pleasant and unnerving dream. After spending an evening attempting a harry potter marathon, which ran about one and a half movies and a few beers long, something rather peculiar was absorbed into my subconscious, that I haven’t quite been able to put a finger on. Until now of course. And so I give to you a quick glimpse into the asylum which is my sleeping mind. Allow me to preface this whole story with a short interlude. There was a point at which the self reflection took a new turn and I realized what it all meant. This video clip right here:

Okay, so back to my stupid dream. It started off with a third person view of myself wandering about a train platform. Cliche I know; and who do I run into but Mr. Daniel Radcliffe himself. Who apparently was a good friend of mine. We went for coffee, toured the cookie cutter dream sequence city we were in, and all the while I couldn’t help but notice how much attention he was getting. I kept asking him questions like “Bro, your gonna make me famous right?” (Shut up I was dreaming) Eventually as time passed, as it so randomly does in sandman’s land, I realized that my inquisition had turned into a nagging of sorts, and eventually I had become a caricature of the side kick, coat tail rider. I kept looking to the dream state Harry to give me the break I thought I deserved. Never actually giving any real contribution to the success I dreamed I had wanted.

Well, as you know with all good things comes a history of hard work, dedication, and determination. In my dream I wasn’t the one doing any of those things. I was hoping and wishing that someone else would do it for me so that I could become the icon I believed I could be. Of course my waking self understands that, but somewhere deep in my subconscious, part of me must’ve believed that if I could pretend to work hard enough, something might happen. I have grown a great deal since this dream and understand the fact that good things don’t come to those who wait. It is rewarded to those who want to work hard to truly achieve their goals. I speak from a place of experience when I say that my Plan B has taken so much away from my Plan A.

Yes, it is true that in order to get somewhere you must work to survive, invest your earnings, and focus as much spare time and energy as you can on your Plan A, all the while excelling at your Plan B. But in hindsight I find it way too easy to look back and find all the places where my Plan B took more than it deserved. I’ve personally spent the better part of 8 years working at what I do as an entrepreneur. Real estate photographer is the title. The perks aren’t all that great but at least it pays the bills. The thing is, I can’t help but think about the countless hours I’ve wasted on trips to cancelled shoots, time spent developing great industry relationships that ultimately can’t and won’t pay off in the future I aim for, and every second that ticks by while I’m sitting in my car waiting for someone whose priorities are not the same as mine. My aim is not to be negative but only to reflect on my experiences so stay with me here.

In short, all I can say is, take advice from someone who has been here. You’re not going to get rich investing in a stock tip from a hobo. But a wall street guru might have some valuable information is all I’m eluding to. All of this is kind of a long winded way of saying, here: have this piece of crucial information I have found, and see if it can help you in your journey, chasing the dream I think we all share. This guy might not be the industry top but he’s the only one who’s willing to share the information the rest of them won’t. If you can make it through these rantings then you might as well sit through an hour of someone who actually knows what he’s talking about. Have fun, and take notes. Remember: Synergy is Unity. Together we can take over the world. Or at least the new landscape of the music industry.

If you have anything you think might add value to the idea feel free to post below and lets get a conversation going! I truly believe that in order to progress and succeed we must share, learn, and grow together.

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