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Don’t be that guy…

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Get your tickets before you miss out on an amazing night! Ring in 2015 with style!


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New Years + Fireworks = <3

New Year’s Eve is about to happen and you don’t have a party to go to yet, Do you?!

Well we got you covered. Tickets are selling fast so don’t wait! We went from 136 to 112 in a couple days!

Get your VIP tickets before it’s too late. Tickets get you free drinks, no line, and if you share this you can get a chance at free everything plus $25.00 cash!

Tickets are RIGHT HERE.

See you there!

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NYE Party Fail! Wait for it…

Well that’s one way to ring in the new year! Don’t forget to get you tickets to the NYE bash hosted by HHS and 3E!

Tickets are still available right HERE

See you there!

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Tonight’s winner of One Mic is T-Bear!

Check out the footage of the winning song!

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T-Bear at One Mic

Check out T-Bear at One Mic!

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Slum Thugs at One Mic

Check out the footage of Slum Thugs at One Mic!

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Willy Snypes At One Mic

Check out Snypes at One Mic !

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One Mic Voting

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If you’re looking for the voting page for tonight’s event it’s right here:


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