A.Y.E. – The Review

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calgary hip hop review on aye

A.Y.E. – The Review

I was cruising the Calgary artist playlist and stumblde upon a unique voice I haven’t yet heard. I have to admit the playlist is incredibly diverse. The records ranged from the heavy sampled old school flavour all the way to the early 90’s Jay feel. This guy flows with an old school tongue giving you the impression that hip hop oldie goodies aren’t dead yet.

I found myself actually listening to each of the songs in the playlist he has on Reverb and genuinely nodding along trough the whole thing. His vocals generously compliment the fluidity of the instrumentals. The melodic choices are nothing short of genius. A lot of artists are self proclaimed classics but this one right here actually lives up to the claim.

Just the right amount of braggadocio flows mixed in with the humility of a real down to earth humble artist who was born to create. Songs to inspire, songs to vibe with, and songs to get the party started. Overall this guy’s a real inspiration for anyone looking for a creative mentor. Take a listen our Choice Track share your thoughts!

If you like what you hear check out the rest of his playlist right here: A.Y.E. on ReverbNation

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