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How It Works:

We truly believe that hard work pays off. Those who truly want to succeed, will. Solely based on one plain and simple fact. If you want something you will achieve it. Plan B only distracts from Plan A so with that mantra we focus on empowering you to learn what you need to become a musical entrepreneur.

If your an artist we help you build your brand, generate income, and give you the insight you need to be successful.

If your a music enthusiast then you hold a special place in the industry. You are the voice for the artists! You become an advocate for their success, you help spread the word, and you transform into a trend setter rather than someone who follows the pack. You are the inspiration and the backbone of the music and the key element tho help music spread infectiously.

In this new and ever changing battlefield we call the music industry, we all need to shift our thinking from the old school record label top 40 driven steam engine, towards the future of the technological wave we have created together. The tools are so much more readily available to us all through the advances of social media, easily available music sharing, and person to person connections we all share.

It all begins with the seed we plant together in the minds of future fans. It starts at the roots. The pathway needs to be paved with quality, consistency, and ingenuity!

Thats what we all share in common when it comes to music! Whether you are an artist or an enthusiast, together we create the future of music!

That is the meaning of Synergy.

We have developed a platform that has created the opportunity for artists to gain exposure through real trend setting music enthusiasts, plant our seeds as budding artists and entrepreneurs, and all make money while creating a better future for music creators and fans everywhere!

How does it work?

All you need to do is sign up to become a member of the Synergy Team.

Once you sign up as a Synergy Member you become part of the movement. There are two parts to the team. Artists and Enthusiasts.

As an Artist you get to Perform at live events with tons of great exposure, sell tickets and earn money, get your merchandise out to the public, get your music shared by people who truly believe in what you do and begin building the awareness that is so crucial in your development as an artist.

As an Enthusiast you get the chance to hear new music almost the minute it gets created and released! If you support the artist and what they create you can share in their success by signing up for the opportunities they offer. These are unique, shared ventures, that allow you to support the artists, and earn money just by inviting others to like it too! Imagine if you were the one to discover and share the next major star! Not only would you be the most crucial part of their journey, but you’ll also have the inside scoop and personal relationship with someone who is a star! A star that you helped create! All while making money supporting the things you love!

So what are you waiting for? Do you want to become an important part of the revolution of music?

Just choose your path below to get started today!

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