Everyone Can DJ

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Everyone Can DJ

I’m ashamed to admit that there once existed a younger me that believed this statement. DJ’ing was overrated to me and I never thought it took much skill to accomplish becoming one. The demand was there, after all, for any novice with a turn table to attend a party and ensure steady streams of music poured through the speakers. Guests wouldn’t pay much attention due to the heavy amounts of intoxicants they were consuming so it was easy to get away with “pretending to play with something”. Basically “an overrated iPod controller”.

If you haven’t heard what these quotes are from yet then pause for a quick second and enjoy a laugh with me as Daniel Tosh of Tosh.0 explains this principle in a much more elaborate and entertaining way.

Although funny, this sketch stirred up a lot of polarizing feelings within as I’m sure it does for you. So much so, that another, legendary, entertainer used a snippet of the rant for the intro of the next video I’m about to show you. But let me prelude this with slightly off segway. I do believe there are DJ’s out there with mad skill. Just few and far between. So I guess you can see how contrasting the feeling is when you see the young guns trying to pretend to be something that falls short of a hyped up play button man. All I have to say is, if you want to be a spinner, learn how to spin. Pay close attention kids. This is how it’s done.

So as you can see. Boy’s got skills. The YYC hip hop scene is filled with talented DJ’s too, they just all seem to be hiding in the basement mashing up Diana Ross records with that new Jay Z joint. My challenge to all of you is simple. Step up the game and get out here and prove your worth! If you’re a YYC scratcher and you have something worth sharing let’s see it! Comment a link below so the people get a chance to hear you. If you’re all too bashful then let me start naming a few names and see what happens. These are guys I’ve seen spin with my own eyes and let me tell you. They are some of the most talented dudes to ever grace the needle folks. They deserve a little recognition. Peep them and let me know what you think!

DJ Dex One & DJ Rico Drummond

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