New Years Eve | Black Tie Affair | Bronco’s

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New Years Eve | Black Tie Affair | Bronco’s

Join us for an evening of classy drinks, incredible food, and a non stop party for the eve of new years!

Dress in your classiest outfit and bring your darling and get ready to dazzle the new year!

Prizes will be awarded for the best dressed couple, best swing dance, and many more throughout the night so be ready to get your groove on!


Get Your Tickets RIGHT HERE!

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New Years + Fireworks = <3

New Year’s Eve is about to happen and you don’t have a party to go to yet, Do you?!

Well we got you covered. Tickets are selling fast so don’t wait! We went from 136 to 112 in a couple days!

Get your VIP tickets before it’s too late. Tickets get you free drinks, no line, and if you share this you can get a chance at free everything plus $25.00 cash!

Tickets are RIGHT HERE.

See you there!

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